Procedures & FAQ's



Eye Protection…check                        

You may see the obvious methods we use to protect you, but what else do we do to keep you safe?

Because there are so many contagious diseases, and often we do not know  who is infected, we follow a guideline known as Universal Precautions. This means we eliminate every possibility of disease transmission. At the office you may notice plastic barriers on many of the surfaces. These barriers are discarded and replaced after every patient, as well as the headrest covers. We also use as many single use items such as high and low volume suction tips, and bonding wells, to prevent cross contamination. After every patient the room is thoroughly wiped down with a surface disinfectant. All instruments are thoroughly cleaned, and then heat sterilized in regularly maintained modern equipment.

The office is also equipped with water systems designed with safety valves to ensure safe water supply.

Both infection control and proper sterilization techniques are top priority in our office. As mentioned, our clinical team wear eye protection, face masks, and change their gloves between each and every patient.

Our sterilization equipment and procedures are regularly monitored.  We have always met, or exceeded the high standards required to protect our patients from  the risk of infection.